Vitruvian Man

The Sun of Man
The Vitruvian man is perfect, in all his measurements.  With his outstretched arms and legs the Vitruvian man stands wide as much as he is tall.  Yet, even withal of his mathematical symmetry, something is missing, his identity.  Vitruvian man is the perfect example of the perfect man, which is a direct clue, but not the total story of his identity. 

Look closely at his eyes.  You can see that while looking into his eyes that one eye is looking directly at you to get your attention, while the other is distinctly looking directly up at something.  Follow the direction of Vitruvian man’s upward pointing eye. You can now see what Vitruvian man is pointing to, a smaller previously unnoticed image in the parchment of a sunrise.  The “Sun” – rise.  A synonym for ‘Son’. 

This man is focused on The Son also known as Jesus, the Son of God.    For man to truly be perfect, not only must he recognize the excellence of his design, but he must keep his eye on the Son of Man, Jesus.  The identity of the Vitruvian man is Jesus the only perfect man.