The Virgin at the Rocks

Hidden Baby Jesus
Interestingly, this particular masterpiece uses all characters to point out the location of the fifth hidden character. The fifth character, who is much harder to locate is the baby Jesus.  However, to see the baby Jesus you must look very closely at the most concealed part of the painting. 

Accordingly, you begin with the finger of the angel pointing horizontally.  When you follow her finger, you can see that she is pointing to the baby who is kneeling.  Indicating that this child is aware of the location if the message in this painting.

 Fittingly, directly below the pointing angel we have a child attempting to see the baby Jesus for himself. You can see how he has two fingers that are curled accompanied by the expression on his face indicating that he is trying to peek under something to see inside.  And above them both we have God blessing their actions with Her outstretched hand with Her palm in the shape of applying a blessing.

Lastly we have the child embraced by God as he is kneeling in reverence, hands pressed together as in prayer. His position of worship is directly under the head of the baby Jesus.  From this position, directly up from the kneeling baby, under the shroud draping the arm of God we find the concealed head of the baby Jesus, eyes closed, sleeping in Gods shadow.   The gold in the center of the painting is misshapen on the top, showing the feet of the baby Jesus protruding through the blanket, simultaneously drawing the eye away from the head of the baby Jesus.