The Virgin and Child with St. Anne

God, Lucifer, Man and Jesus

The message of this particular piece is in such plain sight that Leonardo felt there no need to conceal a further hidden detail.  However, to understand the scene being portrayed here one must previously be aware of the messages revealed in Leonardo’s other works of art.

In order to understand who is in this scene you must ask yourself a few questions.  First, who is the Lamb?  Well, only one man can be the Lamb and that is Jesus, the Lamb of God.  Next, we have a child grasping for the Lamb, seeking embrace and enjoy the presence of the Lamb.  This represents mankind, all men and women represented by a single child.  Next, we have a character trying to take man’s attention away from Jesus.  This is Lucifer, constantly attempting to distract man from Jesus, we recognize her only because we know from Leonardo’s other works that she is a female.  And finally, above the drama of life is God Herself observing with Her loving adornment as Her creation makes the decision all on their own.

This piece displays the constant struggle of life placed before us by God that we must all endure on a daily basis.