The Old Man and The Young Man

I’m Proud of You
Leonardo is often quoted about the unimpressive nature of his own work ethic.  Stating that he has “Offended God and man” in that his work did not reach the heights it potentially may have achieved.  However, this study depicts a Leonardo demonstrating a different opinion of himself, more accurately, his younger self.  When viewed through Da Vinci’s Easel the identity of both the old man and young man become apparent.  As the spirit of the old man flows directly into the young man, indicating that they are of the same spirit.  Leonardo, in his concealment fashion, removes the hair of the depiction of his older self, but captures his younger likeness superbly as demonstrated through Leonardo’s first known artwork.

The look of pride shines through, as the older Leonardo expresses satisfaction in the accomplishments of his younger self.  Reaching across time to extend a gesture of acceptance in the willingness of his younger self to set off on his journey of artistic expression, culminating in the creation of the finest masterpieces the world has yet known. 

Leonardo may not have been satisfied with himself as a matured artisan, but he greatly appreciated the works undertaken by his younger self.

Seen on a Flat Easel
Seen Through Da Vinci’s Easel