The Last Supper

The Last Supper as seen through a Flat Easel

The Birthday of Jesus

On the side of Jesus sits an apostle with his finger pointing up and his face with an inquisitive expression.  This apostle is visually asking the question, what is this?  Follow his finger up a straight line and you arrive at the curved archway above the head of Jesus.  Use the curve of the archway as a path, and at the end of this archway you will arrive at a small capstone.  This capstone technically does not belong, as this is traditionally located at the head of an archway.  On closer investigation you can see that this is not a capstone at all, and is in fact the aerial view of a rooftop.  This is actually the figure of a small house, hidden on the wall behind Jesus in plain sight.

Closeup as seen through Da Vinci’s Easel

Under this house the stucco used to cover the wall has small portions that are not filled in.  This leaves a darkened figure under the house in the shape of a scorpion.  This is a rebus, a combination of pictures used to form words, in this case:
A house on a Scorpion.

When you put the rebus together the complete sentence is:
Jesus is of the House of Scorpio. 

Closeup as seen through Da Vinci’s Easel

Now, on its own the path necessary to locate this rebus is an arduous one.  So, Leonardo left a confirmation so we can know that this is an important part of the scene.  This is done by the addition of a second apostle looking at this exact location.

There is one apostle, with noticeably darker skin, whose face you can barely see because he is angled away from the canvas face.  Interestingly, he seems to be the only Apostle of African descent.  Regardless, he is looking directly at the rebus on the wall behind Jesus.  The expression on his face is also one of wonderment asking “What’s that?”  But first, to understand the significance of this rebus we must first look closely at astronomy.

Closeup as seen through Da Vinci’s Easel

We know Leonardo was good friends with the renowned cosmologist Nicolas Copernicus.  Through their friendship Copernicus surely shared the details of planetary alignments with Leonardo. 

Now seeing that, let’s turn back the planetary alignments to the year 0001 on November 21st and to see if we find anything interesting on this particular day. Which in fact, we do. On Year 0001, November 21st, we find a perfect astronomical alignment on the first day of Scorpio, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

This parade in the sky is the sign of the birth of Jesus.  In this Fresca Leonardo has sent us the message of the most important day in time. The message of the true birthday of Jesus, November 21st, Year 0001.