St. John the Baptist

John’s Love for Jesus

John was the Apostle who loved Jesus the most.  He understood Jesus as closely as one can and was his trusted friend during their time together.  This painting demonstrates John’s love for Jesus by expressing exactly who is on his heart.  To see this, one must look where John is pointing. 

It is easy to assume that John’s pointing finger is pointing upwards to show something further up as in the Last Supper where we had to follow a long path through the painting to find the message.  However, John’s finger is touching directly where his message is coming from. His heart.

Directly above John’s heart, the light in the midst of the shadow allows the cross above John’s heart to be seen.  John is telling us that Jesus is on his heart. Visually expressing his love for Jesus, by directing us to the person who remains on his heart forever.

As Seen on a Flat Easel
As Seen Through Da Vinci’s Easel