Mona Lisa

                As in all of Leonardo’s work, in order to comprehend the message of Her facial expression, one must first re-frame one’s visual perspective from subjective into an objective reference. This is necessary because, through Her smile and Her eyes, She is talking, even though her lips do not move. 
                Look into Her eyes.  What do they say? When you shift your subjective reference point into an objective one, they are clearly saying “look over my left shoulder.”  Further drawing you into the painting, you can see that She’s point at something with Her eyes.  That object is behind Her, in the distance.  Look over Her shoulder guided by Her eyes, you can see a group of mountains.  On the peak of the mountain closest to her eye level sits a symbol angled at approximately a thirty-degree angle facing away from Her head.  This symbol is the Cross. 

         Her eyes are directing you the cross.  Directing your attention behind Her, to the most important object of Her affection.  Her eyes and expression are guiding you to look behind Her letting you know what is on Her mind.  God is constantly thinking about Her son Jesus, and the symbol that represents Jesus is the Cross.
                Therefore, Her identity is revealed by observing what She is doing.  Jesus never leaves the mind of God. So the person with Jesus on Her mind at all times is God.  Why else would 6 million people flock to see a painting every year?

As Seen Through Flat Easel
As Seen Through Da Vinci’s Easel