Head of a Girl

More Than Just a Girl
At first look this study seems to be a normal girl with nothing overtly celestial about her being.  Her eyes have a captivating depth in their pain filled longing gaze that leans towards an uneasiness of her likeness to being artistically captured, as if she is too shy to be recognized as beautiful.

However, Her countenance also hints to an understanding of the motivations behind Her artistic admirer.  As when placed on the Da Vinci Easel and examined closely, Her expression becomes distinctly clear.  The bonnet hanging lovingly on her head is certainly not a bonnet at all, but is instead revealed to be the halo belonging to this female deity.  The depth of her gaze now becomes recognizable, as she is not simply understanding but she is loving.  Her eyes embrace a love for all things, people and life.  It is now easy to see that this is not simply a girl, this is God Herself.  Admiring Her creation with loving and understanding eyes.