Paint. Better.

Da Vinci's Easel

Dramatically Increase Your Painting Ability Overnight

When painting on a flat canvas your ability to express your true vision is limited by the medium used to create your art. Da Vinci’s Easel removes this barrier using a virtual three-dimensional workspace created inside the mirror. This, combined with the proper alignment of your canvas with your body, enables a seamless flow of artistic express from out of your being and onto your canvas. This is why Leonardo was so good at what he did.

Astound By Painting in Perfect Perspective

Perspective is the art of making close things appear distant, and small things appear large. When painting on Leonardo Da Vinci’s Easel™ the lower portion of the canvas appears closer, while the upper portion of the canvas appears further away. This produces a natural perspective ingrained through each piece produced through Da Vinci’s Easel™.

Emotionally Align Your Canvas With Your Body

A flat canvas facing your body makes it extremely difficult to express your emotions visually as your constantly questioning the inconsistencies between what your feeling and what your seeing. Da Vinci’s Easel™ solves this problem by cradling the canvas in front of your body at an angle aligned with the outward expression of your emotions. With your canvas facing outward, each stroke is congruent with your Inner Artistic Vision, making the painting process one of true artistic expression.

Merge With Leonardo Da Vinci’s System

Replicating the artistic system of Leonardo places you in direct line with the thought process of our artistic master. While painting on Da Vinci’s Easel™ your connection to the ways of Leonardo are felt in every fiber of your being as you step into the system created to increase the quality of your art designed by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Understanding Da Vinci’s Easel

Leonardo Da Vinci wrote everything except a single letter in mirror script. Not only does that make his text flow in reverse, but each letter is also reversed. As if his mind existed in the mirror as he was writing. In fact, he also painted in this same manner. Verified by aligning a mirror against Leonardo Da Vinci’s work, each piece can be viewed properly as Leonardo intended.